Everyone is beautiful

The pressure to be good-looking is so strong, even babies stress about it. Perhaps you feel ugly some of the time, or most of the time. Believe me feeling ugly is no reason to deny your happiness. Beauty might be important because society has put so much emphasis on it being an admired. But who... Lire la Suite →



  One of the greatest regret is being what others want me to be , rather than being myself. And when I am hiding behind a character all the time, as soon as I have to be myself, I feel kind of terrified. And if I keep hiding my true self, my life become like... Lire la Suite →

Mon Accra

Je t'ai croisé un matin sur l'internet, et depuis, je rêve de te connaître. Une fois que je suis arrivé ici, Ghana. Mes yeux se sont grands ouverts. Au moment où mon avion s’est arrêté, j’ai regardé avec enthousiasme par la fenêtre et j’ai aperçu une vue des employés noirs de l’aéroport déchargeant des bagages.... Lire la Suite →

Experience as an intern in Ghana

We hear a lot about africa, and rarely positive. It is whether about the spread of the Ebola virus, extremist Boko Haram in Nigeria kidnapping people and burning entire villages to the ground, or civil wars. It can seem to be a big and scary place. Yet I do not understand why some people are... Lire la Suite →

RIP our perception toward Africa

I have worked in Africa for 14 weeks, and I have been travelling to few countries: to Togo, Ivory coast, Morocco, and Burkina Faso. Before coming to Africa, if you ask an Asian what the images Africa is like, rather GOOD: wildlife, colorful costumes, tribes, safaris, amazing dance. It is things that we always see... Lire la Suite →

Daro and his wife

Daro is not very strong. He is tired and tired all the time, and his heart hurts often. His wife warned him, "You have to consult a doctor." Daro did not like to see a doctor but a week later he went there. The doctor asked him a lot of questions: He asked Daro: "What... Lire la Suite →


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