Nouvelles planètes!!

The two newly-found-earth-sized planets, called Kepler-20e and Kepler-20f might hold life. The scientists are not so sure yet because their instruments are not sensitive enough to detect them. One of them circles its sun in just 6 Earth days, and other does in 19. Scientists believe that there might be others like them exist. The... Lire la suite →


Best in Koh Kong!!

South-west Cambodia, Koh Kong, it is a new destination for tourists. Well, last year, I had a holiday. I went there. Koh Kong is nothing but nature. I don’t know why it captured my heart. I really wonder why I say this place is one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been to. Perhaps,... Lire la suite →

Trip 2010

During winter 2010, the musoons  blowed very far from north, Serberia. It's also a time for holidays in Cambodia. My friend and I decided to take our bike, my bike to the east, Vietnam. We took our small 20-kilometer-per-hour Charley brand bike. Our bike, of course, ran very slow, but we enjoyed it very much.... Lire la suite →

First time in Phnom Penh

Two of us, my sister and I on the back of Motodop winds through the trafic on Kampuchea Krom Avenue, which runs in a straight line to the city center. We cross other major boulevards- Mao Tse Tong, Sivutha, Monivong ; before reaching a strenge large star-shaped struture with a golden color surrounded by many taxis... Lire la suite →

Paradis sur la Terre

Paradis sur la Terre in French means Paradise on earth. Why is it so ? As everyone knows from fairy tale or some document about paradise that a very beautiful place that you can’t find somewhere else like it on earth is paradise. Now I can find it on earth. It’s called Bokor. It’s another paradise... Lire la suite →

Hyundai Beach

South of south-korea ; national park at Hyundai beach. People dressed very Korean. Most people brought their families, their friends to see a beautiful amazing white beach and a pretty unique cliff. I myself was there alone was so lonely, and homesick. I should have seen it with my family or friends. The view is so... Lire la suite →

Phnom Penh Trafic

Two-wheeled vihicles with not-wearing helmet drivers horned all over the places, narrowly avoiding each other on a little tiny streets. They moved in a fast speed around 15 kilometers an hour.  This is the trafic during the year of 2000. Now, everything is quite different. It started to be very different during thèse last few... Lire la suite →


Cambodia is a land of extremes. Its history is fraught with such violence and yet its future is fulfilled with so much hope. Cambodia's people, as it's called Khmer, struggle and selfless sacrifice for its victory and its future. Cambodia has become a never-ending love affair for everyone even though it bothers us with dust,... Lire la suite →

Best day in Seoul

In the heart of Korea, Seoul, there is a big park with a big mountain where people go for week-end. I arrived Seoul at 10 am. I know nothing but that park. I decided to go there by walk because it was only about 8 kilometers from our place. I had thought I had a... Lire la suite →

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