Best day in Seoul

Korean high-rise building in Seoul, Next to the central parkIn the heart of Korea, Seoul, there is a big park with a big mountain where people go for week-end. I arrived Seoul at 10 am. I know nothing but that park. I decided to go there by walk because it was only about 8 kilometers from our place. I had thought I had a terrible time; people speak only Korean, no English letters, know no one. I went to a shop to buy coke and ask for information. Let’s see whether she can speak English or what. Well, as usual, no one can, she doesn’t either. Then there was a guy, he wore in suit, came over our place. He spoke in English with us; that was the first time Korean spoke in English with me. I asked him where the park was. He tried to explain us with his broken Engish; we, still, don’t understand. He then took my hand to his office, and asked me to wait. I was so afraid!! Immediately, a little long bright luxury Hyundai brand car appeared. Whose that was, can you guess?.. It’s no doubt that the car was someone else’s. I waited, and waited, and waited, until a little loud horn rang; a new foreign luxus brand car showed up with a big gentle smile driver in the car.  » oh, dear! » I thought » is this guy going to bring me somewhere far, and kill me? » Just looked at his smile again, my heart changed itself to be gentle. He kindly picked me to the park, and told me how to catch the bus, metro, and taxi. He even gave me a map.


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