Cambodian smileCambodia is a land of extremes. Its history is fraught with such violence and yet its future is fulfilled with so much hope. Cambodia’s people, as it’s called Khmer, struggle and selfless sacrifice for its victory and its future. Cambodia has become a never-ending love affair for everyone even though it bothers us with dust, dirt and even smells. Honestly, people might fall in love because os the country and its people with its history. Cambodia has had so much sadness and sorrow, and yet the Cambodians always have a ready smile, a fresh smile. I am amazed  that human nature has so much forgiveness withing. Cambodian have very little to eat, but they invite you to share their meals with. Perhaps it’s their beliefs. But what I do know is that Cambodia, by any other name, is a soul-searching experience. it will always be so until the souls have been put to rest. For always, this is my country. This is my Cambodia.

ពីខ្ញុំ ទី ទិត្យ!


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