First time in Phnom Penh

Two of us, my sister and I on the back of Motodop winds through the trafic on Kampuchea Krom Avenue, which runs in a straight line to the city center. We cross other major boulevards- Mao Tse Tong, Sivutha, Monivong ; before reaching a strenge large star-shaped struture with a golden color surrounded by many taxis and buses and cylos. That was Psa Thmey or central market, one of the largest in Phnom Penh, where anything can we found. The motodop dropped us off opposite the Royal Palace, where the 2 rivers, the Tonle sap and Mekong flow together. Viewed fromthe promeade, they  appeared to be very distinct. On one sideof the river sis the clear blue water of Tonle Sap and onthe other, the enormous muddy flow of the Mekong. They both flow reversely. We stopped for while to take a rest. We soon were surrounded by a group of children. They looked at us with doubts and strenges. We were the only white-Cambodian Chinese-like with glasses.


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