Hyundai Beach

Can you find me?South of south-korea ; national park at Hyundai beach. People dressed very Korean. Most people brought their families, their friends to see a beautiful amazing white beach and a pretty unique cliff. I myself was there alone was so lonely, and homesick. I should have seen it with my family or friends. The view is so beautiful ; with its nature of blue sea, white beach, grey-brown cliff, green trees surround, and High-rise building nearby. That was the first time I’ve seen an amazing beautiful nature abroad. One thing which is strenge is that the beach was empty ; no visitor, no one swim, very quiet while the water was really warm to swim in case of other beaches are quite frozen to swim. I’ve nothing to show you, but only a picture of me with my Khmer traditional dress amount all the people dressed in Korean styles. If I am not wrong, I was the only foreigner who dressed quite different.

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