Paradis sur la Terre

Paradis sur la Terre in French means Paradise on earth. Why is it so ? As everyone knows from fairy tale or some document about paradise that a very beautiful place that you can’t find somewhere else like it on earth is paradise. Now I can find it on earth. It’s called Bokor. It’s another paradise which located on earth. It is  an unforgetable beautiful comfortable fresh view on the top of a very quite high mountain with moving clouds and low temperature. It used to be a French town during French colonization. Then it became an abandoned ghost town after. During 1980 plus, this place was a kind of thief’s home. Now, no doubt, it becomes one of the safest place in Cambodia beside the forbidden time which it’s not garenteed. I recommend you to bring your thick coad ; otherwise you might be frozen, and to avoid camping near the hill because the wind blows strongly. Your tent can possibly be blowed away. If you go there, I am sure that your trip will be an never-ending lovely trip ever !!Beautiful sun set on the top of the paradise..


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