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janvier 2012

If the world were 100 people

 Let imagine this!!

if the world were 100 people:

50 would be female

50 would be male

20 would be children

There would be 80 adults,

14 of whom would be 65 or older

There would be:

61 Asians

12 Europeans

13 Africans 14 people from the Western Hemisphere

 There would be:

31 Christians

21 Muslims

14 Hindus

6 Buddhists

12 practice orther religions

16 would be aligned with a religion

17 would speak a Chinese dialect

8 would speak Hindustani

8 would speak English

7 would speak Spanish,

4 would speak Arabic

4 would speak Russian

52 would speak other languages

82 would be able to read and write, 18 would not

1 would have a college education 1 own a computer

75 would have some suppy offood and a place to shelter them from the wind and rain, but 25 would not

1 would be dying of starvation

17 would be undernourished

15 would be over weighted

83 would have access to safe drinking water

17 would have no clean, safe water to drink!!


Life abroad is wonderful but hard

I am typing this on the desk in Sila Uni, a small uni in Busan. The life here is charming and wonderful. When we go out along the beautiful streets with bright light everywhere, see the kind hearted people, the first question they would ask us is where we are from with their broken English. It makes us laugh,haha. We are here to grow and learn, challenge ourselves, train ourselves, and stretch our limits. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? But there are 2 things which are the most difficult is loneliness and food.we are all alone all the time. When you are on the way too long, your new fades and travel; for example, can feel like you are on the way of pointless and endless. The food’s also a problem; hard one. When you eat some kinds of food which you never eat in your whole life, your stomach can not handle; you tongue does not accept the new tast; oh, dear, that’s the most terrible thing!!

Greeting from Busan, a little Cambodian guy!!

ពីខ្ញុំ ទី ទិត្យ!

Real life!!

I do not know how hard it is, how terrible it is to starve to death. « Last year 2011, I went to Stung Meanchey where the poor people live. I stayed in a house of my friend. I just parked my moto bike, there was 2 kids( a boy and a girl), homeless children, came to ask for some little dirty water, which we kept out side the house, to drink. My friend, he was kind as  well asked the children to have a drink in his house. We both are a kind of people who want to know someone else’s bussiness. We asked  them why they came to collect rubish instead of going to school and about their background!! The boy who was the older brother of the girl answered with a little tear, but he tried to comfort himself  » my dad left us while mum’s sick seriously », boy continue » mum will starve to die if we don’t come here ». » We do not want to be here, in this dirty dangerous place, but we have no choice » he mumbled. My friend seemed crying, then he asked « Can you tell us about your story »?  » Mum got married with my new dad. We rent a small house. Dad got a news to work at the border of Thailand, he wanted to take a chance there. Mum didn’t agree, but dad still went there. Mum sold Khmer noodle all day long but it was just enough for day by the day. Mum expected dad comes back, but very bad luck; dad fell from the building and died. Mum had nothing to do but to sell noodle. One day, the authority came and claimed that the house is theirs and they took it. Mum had no where to go. We stayed along the street for a week before she could find a place. We stayed at the back of Aunt. Sok’s house. Mum helped her to sell the wood. Aunt.Sok’s son saw my mum, he raped her. Mum did not want us to leave, so she decided to live with him. We stayed together for 3 months. Aunt.Sok died cos of cancer 4 months later. My new dad left us. The mum thought the house was Aunt.Sok’s house, but it was not. Then we had to move again. This time I stopped my school. Aunt.Keo asked mum to work in a restaurant in Thailand, she said mum could earned a lot there. Mum had no choice cos she wanted us to go to study.She went there.  From that on, I never saw my mum  and we lost contact. Mum was cheated. Aunt.Keo cheated her and sell her at the border to Thailand. My sister and I had no food, so we stopped our class and went the pick up rubish to sell for food. We just slept where we were tired. 6 months later, the police caught Aunt.Keo. They sent mum back home. Mum had no money at all. Mum tried a find a place. She found a place near domb. She had no job, no money. So she decided to do what she did in Thailand secretely. At first, we did not know, but my friends told me. We decided to follow her. And we found out what happened. »the boy mubled with tears »why she did it? Finally, we asked her frankly. She said what could she do if she did not do it. Time to time, mum went to many houses everyday »  he comforted himself and drank some water,  » Last month, she got sick. She is sick until now. My sister and I try to find some money to buy her a medicine. She says she wants to eat a fish heads soup, but  I can’t affort cos I need to buy her medicine ». My friend and I listened carefully, almost to forget to breath. We have a proto dicision. We want to give the money to them to buy fish but we don’t really know whether the boy said something true or not. So we decided to buy them a kilo of fish. We told the boy to come back to get the fish for the next day. The next day, we bought a kilo of fish but the boy never appeared. We waited waited waited. We still think that the boy might forget, so another next day, we bought another kilo of fish. The boy did not come. My friend did not believe it. He said the boy might be lost. He decided to find him. We spent a long long time driving our moto to find the boy. When we reach a pagoda, oh, dear, we finally found him. He was shaved his hair. His mum died. When the boy saw us, he ran in order to hug but he didn’t cos he thought his body is so dirty to hug us. We know the reason why he never come to take the fish. The boy said »mum wants only to eat her last fish but she died. We can’t give her even the last good food »..He cries, his sister cries and they hug hug. We cried too.!!

Donnating blood

26 January 2012 was the most generous day ever. I went to Ong Dong hospital which is a public hospital to see an orphan who was so ill. She needed blood, but there was not enough blood for her. She waited to die. One of my colleague and I were there. We could not wait to see her dieing; so we had to do something. We decided to test our blood whether one of us has the same to her blood. My colleague was a little bit weak. I did not trust the hospital’s security, too, my health. Result is positive. The group blood of the orphan is B; I have group blood B, and my colleague has O; so lucky!! We finaly donnated our blood to her. We think it was a little  bit risky, but I could at least save someone’s life..

Secret Santa! Save time, gain money, yummy yummy!!

Serves 2-3 people. Preparation: 15 minutes. 5 minutes.


2 eggs, 2 Khmer hotdogs, 6 Khmer Prohet (Cambodian paté), 1 onion, 3 teaspoons of soy sauce, pasta, pepper and oil.


Break the eggs in the bolw, then stir them well. Next, cut Khmer hotdog and paté into few peices. Then peel the onion and crop it. Afterthat, boil the pasta until it’s cooked. After all melange  them together

Pour the oil in the hot pot.  When the oil seems hot enough,  put the mixture of hothogs, paté, onion and pasta in that hot pot and turn down the heat in a stable temperature. 2 minutes later, overturn it and spray the pepper as much as you like. After 2 minutes, reoverturn and spray the pepper as what you did on the other side. Finally, the secret santa is broken. Bon apettite!!

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