I am typing this on the desk in Sila Uni, a small uni in Busan. The life here is charming and wonderful. When we go out along the beautiful streets with bright light everywhere, see the kind hearted people, the first question they would ask us is where we are from with their broken English. It makes us laugh,haha. We are here to grow and learn, challenge ourselves, train ourselves, and stretch our limits. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? But there are 2 things which are the most difficult is loneliness and food.we are all alone all the time. When you are on the way too long, your new fades and travel; for example, can feel like you are on the way of pointless and endless. The food’s also a problem; hard one. When you eat some kinds of food which you never eat in your whole life, your stomach can not handle; you tongue does not accept the new tast; oh, dear, that’s the most terrible thing!!

Greeting from Busan, a little Cambodian guy!!

ពីខ្ញុំ ទី ទិត្យ!