Trip to east by my bike

During winter 2010, the musoons  blowed very far from north, Serberia. It's also a time for holidays. My friend and I decided to take our bike, my bike to the east, Vietnam. We took our small 20-kilometer-per-hour Charley brand bike. Our bike, of course, ran very slow, but we enjoyed it very much. Most people... Lire la Suite →


Cambodian language or Khmer

Cambodian, also known as Khmer, is the official language of the Kingdom of Cambodia and it is spoken by almost all Cambodians. Khmer is also understood by people in many bordering countries such as Thailand (in the eastern provinces of Buriram, Surin, and Srisket in the northern Thailand), in the Mekong Delta region of South... Lire la Suite →

Should we believe?

Mum did not believe in superstition. For me, i don't know. Mum went to a fortune teller once for her first time while she had her first baby; my sister whome i have never seen. Mum was told that her oldest baby must be boy, followed by girl, then boy and girl again. Mum did... Lire la Suite →

Strangers meet strangers

Do you believe in fate? Well, sort of; a little bit, perhaps it's just a coinsidence. Hmm, I don't know. Last year on 24th Octobre, 2011 one of my friends whome we've known each other through facebook met each other. Our first conversation was " I admire the idea of ur creative photograph; most of... Lire la Suite →

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