Do you believe in fate? Well, sort of; a little bit, perhaps it’s just a coinsidence. Hmm, I don’t know. Last year on 24th Octobre, 2011 one of my friends whome we’ve known each other through facebook met each other. Our first conversation was  » I admire the idea of ur creative photograph; most of them look amazing. Oh; thanks//I don’t create them but I shot them.haha, yours as well then.. » Then we started to have our first randez-vous by going out for a trip. We spent 3 nights at Kap and Kampot. Since then, we’ve been keeping in touch by mail. I tell you something » we both have the same idea, which means we like doing things very similar. Then another mate was similar to her. She is more fun. She makes me laugh all day long. She recorded down all our conversation in her blog

 » « .

Should we be so excited to see our conversation recorded in someone else’s blog? Hmm, I don’t now.. It’s fun though. Most people who see me, they say « Tit, why are you so strange? ». It haopebs always to them as well..