Should we believe?

Mum did not believe in superstition. For me, i don’t know. Mum went to a fortune teller once for her first time while she had her first baby; my sister whome i have never seen. Mum was told that her oldest baby must be boy, followed by girl, then boy and girl again. Mum did not believe. Her first baby was girl, of course, but she died the year after. Followed by another second and third baby who were girls. Once mum gave birth of my brother,he lives. Then my oldest sister, and my second oldest brother. They all live. The world seems so unfair to my sisters. They were born with the same sex,girl and girl. They challenged their fates who were luckier. One of them died when she was 3. After that tragedy, my youngest older brother was born, then me,then my younger sister. This occurs problems until present. My younger sister was not so lucky, she died when she was 2 years 1month. After that, there are something wrong happen. When i was 15 years of age, i had a big accident; my car was overturned just after the hill. It was badly damaged with 3 people died and many injured. At age of 16, i went to the beach of mekong. I could not swim, so i was drowned there. I did not know. I actually reached 2 bottles, full of air, floating along. When i was 17, i rode my bike along the rorodom blvd; my bike crashed with a medium-sized truck, daewoo 2506. In 2010, during my age of 18, i went to sihanoukville by bus for holiday. Something terrible happened. My bus, sorya bus, crashed with hyundai truck in a speed of around 120/h. My bus went to crash the river which killed 2 people. On 24 june, 2011, i flew to south korea. My flight transitted in taiwan. My plane crashed a petroleum bin while it was taking of. The next vol after my flight explosed. Yesterday, before i write this article, i went to mont proseth. Our car was turning backward after we reach the top of mountain. Can anyone tell me what it means exactly?

ពីខ្ញុំ ទី ទិត្យ!


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