Suicides committed during raining season and new year.

Doctors say stress, anxiety, and loneliness of the holidays drive many unhappy to suicide. It’s perhaps sometimes caused by heart-break, as I would say.  But what I do wonder the most is why people commit suicide during the raining season? And why also New Year which lasts only 3 days and occurs very long far from raining season?

 I would guess it’s just a tradition or curse.  The answer is based on my idea; it’s perhaps because it is a season when people tend to be more in touch with each other then at any other time of the year. And when he or she can’t really get out for holidays; then he or she look at the suicide term. Surprisingly, that rate seems to be lower then the suicide rate during raining season. Why would more people take their lives when the weather is ugly? Financial trouble is the leading cause for suicide among Cambodian men? Or perhaps it’s because they have lost money through gambling, or have fallen deeply into debt? Or perhaps it’s because of broken-heart? Attempted suicide is much more common among women-especially in the under-30 years. Most often, women blame relationship problems for their attempted suicide. Why it the highest suicide rate occurs in only this season? What I do believe is that during the raining season, water goes up highly which make people to commit suicide easy to be drown by jumping of from the bridge and can not be recued easily. What about other victims?

Tell me if you have anything to add; as I can’t really find the answer.

 ពីខ្ញុំ ទី ទិត្យ!


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