Everland, a strange land

Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park. As I know, it was formed by Sumsung Company. Everland is not exactly located  in Seoul, but it’s a popular destination among Korean and foreign tourists like me. In this giant theme park, it includes safari world, and Caribbean bay. Most people think Everland is cheap which costs 37$ but hmm, perhaps if we compare with other large theme parks like this, it’s cheaper; yeah. I was there once. It was awesome. But I always ended up wasting time queuing up at most rides. Luckily, I was there very early. I heard at the week-end, it will take you about an hour and a half for the safari alone. Sometime, you don’t really remember the lunch time while you are busy riding those amazing rides, haha. I don’t really know what it looks like in the winter which the park covered by white snow, as you  know, I never see snow in my life. The thriller was bad, but extremely fun. It was bad because I vomited afterwards. I don’t know, but is the performance performed every evening or something? Is it always an extremely large amazing unforgettable performance with all the fireworks like that? Safari was super super interesting, but sad, I was not allowed to walk out of  the bus, otherwise I could have seen what the tigers and lions eat. The food, hmm, you don’t starve there with all kinds of food around the world, do you? By the way, my best meal in Korea was there as well. I could find many south-east Asian food a lot.



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