Chocolate makes acne!!

Some teenagers are trying to cover their face by using masks.

As in the high-school, acne pops up on the face of virtually every teenager. Moi aussi,huh. As it’s an age of moment when kids are most self-conscious  about their appearance. We try to avoid eating something which make our face becomes a minefield of acne. We love chocolate. Chocolate makes our young love sweeter then honey. But chocolate causes acne. Hmm, we don’t know if it’s true or what; but we believe though. Since chocolate causes acne, what we give to our lover during valentine’s day? Hmm, flowers; perhaps?? Lucky me, good news for all of us: Eating chocolate does not cause pimples. Skin care experts agree that acne is not caused by any specific food, including grilled eggs,fried chic winds , prohet(ប្រហិត),.. But if it isn’t choco, nor the food I mentioned, what does cause acne? Or maybe it ‘s an individual allergie? I don’t know.

ពីខ្ញុំ ទី ទិត្យ



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