Don’t know what to do now!!

This is what I have reported from my relatives through facebook. My anne is not my own family but she seems like one. We were thinking that taking care of her in USA is much better then here, Cambodia. Unfortunately, a young-low-education has dog’s brain-man locked her in the room and bit her up last 2 weeks. And it hurt me badly after I’ve got that information. My anne, a pure buddhist, always does good things but why she met this situation in her life? I always mentioned that the world seems so unfair. But police seems to have more power to control and  to decide that the justice is to be considered or not.

Kimchiv Ly: Does any one know this old woman was taken by a young man lock her in the room n bit her up?????? Is she have any family in the
U.S to protect n taking care of her????? Why……..?

Steve Chakriya Rak: Yeah, my sister didn’t tell me after two weeks later. it was upset me when she told me, it was so unbelievalbe…I told my sister to reported to the the police stationand go to court,and I will pay all the cost.. It wasn’t funny to hear thise story…..was it okay if someone beat your mother in a locking room? and said he was drunk??? it was an excuse. It wasn’t okay with me I will tell you that, NO SECOND time.Yeah, I am not get over it yet…Thanks chhiv

Kimchiv Ly: No, sister is not about a second time or the third time, u guys should put his ass in jail in the next day he was did that to her, if me I don’t care of any excuse from him, this is so rediculous that ass hole just told a little excuse (Caz he was drunk that why he bitta shit out of her to u guys Ha…ha…ha….) U know what I was shock after I heard this story n I was ready Togo to jail for,Caz I though I’ll put him in the hospital or shut him in the had. This is not funny or game alright!!!

Steve Chakriya Rak: You are right Chhiv, They know that I don’t take sorry when someone have done bad thing to my family, that was why they didn’t tell me for so long. I told her even he said sorry but I still want her to reporting to the police. If I was over there I won’t let him get away. If he wants to be a bully why doesn’t he goes for the same age, he is a coward that was why he picked 70 years old woman.

Sorn Sothina: nice to c her here,,,

Kimchiv Ly: I have feel really bad u know?So, can u tell me what are they afraid of n what r they thinking ? Or they’re want to waiting for that guy bit her up again or he kill her than they do some thing to it ? This is so ridiculous. I don’t understand of ur sisters . For me, I’m just her nephew but It’s hurt me so badly how about u guys????

Steve Chakriya Rak: They are not afraid of him. Mom didnot tell Chanda( You know Mom, she is always has a big heart and never want to hurt anyone feeling) and I do not know why??? and I told Chanda to call the police station then go for trial but Chanda told me that she asked thos guy to come and said sorry to Mom if he doesn’t she will go to court but I told her no matter how many time he said sorry to Mom, she still needs to report this problem to the police but chanda said No to me. Thank you Chhiv for care about Mom…I love and care for her but I was feeling so bad that I couldn’t not protecting her….I love you Chhiv like my real blood.

Sorn Sothina: Oh sorry bong ..i didn’t no her story..i just get it..bong what’s happened? Who do that to her?

Ti Tit: Oh, good things will come to those who do good. B.Ya, you are doing the right thing.

Ti Tit: Oh, my gosh!! I have not read those comments. Police is our choice. That young guy should be sent here, I’ll kill him. My dad will help me!!

Kimchiv Ly: This is crazy !!! U can ask B, Chariya for the whole story, so u guys understand. For me I always have a big problem with guys like to bit up the women, I don’t like that. N now it happen on my own family, unbelievable. I have nothing to say 😥

Ti Tit: I can report this to the US Embassy from Cambodia to see what I can I do from here.. But I need to know more information. My dad knows it now. He tries to contact for help. He calls you yet?

To be continued!!

ពីទី ទិត្យ



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