Asia, a continent of world traditions and modernité.

A factory of Culture

Contient gigantesque, l’Asia has always fascinated  men  of the world who try to discover les mytères et les richesses. L’Asia is a puzzle of languages, colors,  parfumes, paysages.. Les Asian give birth la naissance to a beautiful world civilizations, to a large number of religions, to many world philosophies who help us to better understand the world which we currently live on. L’agriculture, l’écriture, big Arabic discovered secrets of human body, mathématiques have been invented and discovered in Asia. Indian invented « zero, Chinese  invented paper money,spaghettis, papers, fireworks, and world classic silk.

Modern city and a home of millions of people

With too many wars, violence, natural disasters, pouverty have made Asia goes down. But Asian look forward to the  future of the world again. More and more countries in Asia become richer and  richer. For instant, China; a world second most powerful country, Japan; a world third richest country, Korea, Tawain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai,  New Delhi, Kaula Lumpore, Shanghai ..

Angkor Wat of Cambodia

With all the riche cultures of Asia, world heritage and wonder monuments have been constructed . It’s currently bien located and conserved. Asia is a continent of all the records such as Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal of India, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Pagan of Burma, La Mecque of Saodite Arabia, temples of Bali, Babylon of Iraq, Istanbul of Turqie, Petra of Jodan..

Beautiful nature

After all, Asia has become a land of extremems with all the records, lands sacrés, toit du monde, home of 4000 millions people and various kinds of animals, first destination of nature, factories of culture and industries of products.

ពី ទី ទិត្យ!!



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