Borin, my friend, a very young novelist, is a great personne. Il a a sense of humor though. He always pretends to be very arrogant that he always uses ugly words, noisy conversation, disturbing others even in the library.. Though, he does not like me very much, I think. Peut-être it’s because I know a lot about him.  I can  remember un jour at Chenla theatre, I criticized his ear-piecing; he was so curious and furious a little bit, but I know he pretended only. At first, I was wondering pourquoi he always has to pretend, cheat, lie all the time!!  but then I can guess the answer; it’s because he wants to learn people that way since he is a novelist. On 26th June, 2012, I received  messages from him with all ugly words. Why? I am sure he will learn nothing from me.

Me: « Eh, next time, if you wanna say or insult me, dont do it to ur fri&i apologize we laughed u This evening.we’l do it again if you act like that.we didn laugh about ur question(we didnt even listen to your question)but ur violent culture-like speaking very loud, noisy, ugly words. »

Me: « Sorry..m pretty straight forward,u like it too?i even know u hate me since i criticized u about ur piecing at Chenla,right?i was just making fun.i thought u didnt mind a lot,but u did.sorry..i,actually,dress crazily too,&many people say m crazy. »

Me: « Hope u understand what i mean & u dont mind me since we r cambodian,right? »

Borin: « Thank you million times! but i will do what i want! later or next, i will do if i want, you have your rights to go away when I saying, i do not care ! you are good must have good friends, i am not good must have not good dudes too! »

Me: « For me,u r stil my fri.i don mind what u consider me..hope we stil smile, talk with each other when we meet,right? »

Me: « I hav a rights to go away when u say.then all the students at ccf hav a right to go way if speak loudly in the library..come on,Borin.i believeu r not that kind,or u can change it.nature doesnt produce a comfortable nice house,but men built it.. »

Me: « If i remember very well,u study moralité at high-school too.i dont expect a lot from u,but since we share the nation,culture..i don want this blood to be ugly »

Me: « I speak too much i know. Then i should stop,right? Finally, i know u can do better then this cos u r one of my friends too. Eh, by the way, i can still give u messages like what i always do to u? Haha, i expect « yes »from, otherwise i would be sad

Good night!! »

Borin: « Thank you million times for your Fucking words! i never study like you and your hell friends! never even heart what morality! »..

Me: « I know before u wrote this to me, u’d laughed already..don’t pretend!! »

Me: « Lie,pretend,cheat,hide,mind are not culture »

Me: « Good night »