Kinds of personne.

Imaginatif I look for the new ways to do things. I search for new ideas and analyze old one!! I take time everyday to just think and let my mind run free.  People say I am crazy, but they don't know how crazy the world is!! Positif I make the best of situation I can't... Lire la suite →


Liars can’t really look you straight in the eye

If you ask anyone on the planet what the liars do, the first thing they agree on  is the liars don't look in the eye. Avant, on commence this; repondez these questions first."Are you a liar? Ask yourself if you are a liar, dare you look straight in someone's eyes that you lie to?? ".... Lire la suite →

Strangers in paradise!

People keep asking me via facebook c'est quoi the album "strangers in paradise" is, who the strangers in paradise are, and pourquoi so.  This is very simple. We've known already what the "stranger" and "paradise" are, don't we? Tout simplement, "stranger" means a person  in a place where they have never been  in before. It's... Lire la suite →

Should the monks have rights to vote?

A friend of mine asked me if the monks should have vote or not!! Personally, I have to support the monks since they play very big & important roles in almost every domain in the société. The monks have a variety of rôles to perform in the world. Being a citoyen / citizen, it's an... Lire la suite →

It’s pretty me.

Hmm, there is nothing to say aboout moi. Perhaps i have to decrire about where my name comes from, what it means,.. Alright, be a little bit more serious. I am a linguist from a nomadique famille in north Thaïlande. We've settled in north-east Cambodia for decades. I grew up in Phnom Penh where people... Lire la suite →

Trembling of the Terre

This is not the first time I experienced trembling. Last night, around 9:30 heures du soir at my house, it was shaking  a little but terrible. It was not an earth-quake, but it stroke my maison and my quarter. In my private opinion, it is not because of la nature. It's the men who did... Lire la suite →

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