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A wiseman seldom writes in his mind, but take a picture.


juillet 2012

Kinds of personne.


I look for the new ways to do things. I search for new ideas and analyze old one!! I take time everyday to just think and let my mind run free.  People say I am crazy, but they don’t know how crazy the world is!!


I make the best of situation I can’t control. I change the things about myself that I feel need changing. I look for the good in people and experiences. I always love to test the world. In contrast, I refuse anything negative..


Everything I do is important, so I give 120% of myself to all I do.

Am I powerful?

Yes, I think I am. I am a powerful personne. I take every opportunity to expand my knowledge and increase my mental wealth.


I take good care of myself, the things I own,  and  my obligation.  « I do it, I take care of it, I face it, I deal it » this is my proverb.

A big important image

I walk, I talk, and I act like a very important personne because I am a very important personne!!


I have an open mind and am willing to listen to new ideas always. I know that nothing stays the same forever, nothing’s permanent, and no one is perfect. I am adaptable and ready to change when necessary.


Honestly, I am  not  patient. I can’t wait to delay the time if I want now. I really need your help!!

My time

Let remember my proverb »I do enjoy every moment of my life », enjoy to learn life’s lessons which can be sad, happy..

A sense of humor

I never take myself or my problems too seriously. I am able to laugh at myself and my mistakes.

A bad personne

I don’t know why I can’t control to laugh and make fun of others!!


Hmm, hard to tell!! Hard to describe!! I sleep 8 to 9 hours per day, exercise everyday, but I don’t eat good food. I respect my body, and I always keep it in form.

Good judgment

it’s far different from  me. I never  care about my actions before I do them. That’s so sad!!


I smile a lot and always find something positive to say. I like people.

Not afraid to fail

I am willing to try, to risk. The only way I can I can  really fail is if I don’t try yet.

Not afraid to be different, but love to be unique and special

I am a person who does things on my own way. I am proud to be me. I am special. I have my own values. I don’t put my head on the people who says I am  different is bad, but I listen to them though.

A good listener

That is not me if I say I am a good listener.


Liars can’t really look you straight in the eye

If you ask anyone on the planet what the liars do, the first thing they agree on  is the liars don’t look in the eye. Avant, on commence this; repondez these questions first. »Are you a liar? Ask yourself if you are a liar, dare you look straight in someone’s eyes that you lie to?? « . You can’t really escape from the security of Ti Tit’s trick. If you are not being honest with queque’un who already read my article, he/she will find you out because of your shifty eyes.

Alright, now; tell me how do you tell if someone is lying? In fact, the facial expressions describe best, even we try hard to conceal them. But can we still tell if that liar is an expert of lying? Then what can we do? Hmm, the answer is very easy and simple. You have to find a class yourself or you can check the internet for more information. Ti Tit’s trick can’t help you. It just helps you to know better of liars.

By the way, I am not even sure if my answers are correct. Just want to let you know that, in case, you believe it trop.

Strangers in paradise!

People keep asking me via facebook c’est quoi the album « strangers in paradise » is, who the strangers in paradise are, and pourquoi so.  This is very simple. We’ve known already what the « stranger » and « paradise » are, don’t we? Tout simplement, « stranger » means a person  in a place where they have never been  in before. It’s derived from the word « strange » which means unusual or odd or not familiar. So stranger could mean an unusual person. Therefore, paradise explains perfectly a place of happiness and smile. Perhaps you can have a look at the pics I’ve uploaded to see what they look like, maybe they look like a half-ready-smiled dinosaur like the person who reads this article. I apologize if I use the word incorrectly since mon anglais is bad.  Alright, I’ll be more serious this time. Totally, strangers in paradise are mostly my friends whome I shot their photos myself at any where or any event or even any time from any corner. You, dear reader, will probably smile, or even laugh, when you see their photos. They are quite lovely though. Are you jealous that you can’t see your photo here? 

Should the monks have rights to vote?

A friend of mine asked me if the monks should have vote or not!! Personally, I have to support the monks since they play very big & important roles in almost every domain in the société. The monks have a variety of rôles to perform in the world. Being a citoyen / citizen, it’s an obligation to vote for better. But it would be dangereux to mix the two together, politique & religion. Not allow religious people to vote is not right, therefor allow them to vote makes no sense. Buddhists are still human, still citoyens, it’s just the true buddhists are free from préjudice. I also agree that if the monks vote, they can easily influence other voters. If the monks are not allowed, it seems unfair to the définition of bieng a citoyen. The monks can vote as its their right to vote for the country, and it’s not a crime. But they should vote privately which means they don’t persuade other voters in the publique, perhaps.

I give one story  » There’s a snake’s catching a frog in its mouth. Ignoring can’t be made. Letting the snake eat the that frog or letting the snake can’t have her food & starve to death is a karma « . What do you think the monk should do? What about yourself? C’est un peu compliqué mais c’est la via!!

It’s pretty me.

Hmm, there is nothing to say aboout moi. Perhaps i have to decrire about where my name comes from, what it means,.. Alright, be a little bit more serious.

I am a linguist from a nomadique famille in north Thaïlande. We’ve settled in north-east Cambodia for decades. I grew up in Phnom Penh where people call it « Den Sovannphum ». I’d like it more then my little town, Sisophon where people call it « Svay ». My name national name is SORN Seyhaktit which had been changed from  » Ti Tit » when I was 5 or 6 years of age. Sorn is from grandpa’s name, Kong Sorn. Seyhak means a king of all the land-animals. Tit means sun. Je suis sur that u say « what a wonderful name On earth ». I am not pretty a showed off person, but just want to be honest. I told you I am a linguist, right? Yeah, I am a student of Lisence  Française au Département d’Études Francofones of RUPP. I graduated my Khmer deploma from ILE in 2009, so I know lots of Khmer. I finished my English high-school certificate last 2 years from PUC.

 »  ដូនតា ខ្ញុំ  « 

Trembling of the Terre

This is not the first time I experienced trembling. Last night, around 9:30 heures du soir at my house, it was shaking  a little but terrible. It was not an earth-quake, but it stroke my maison and my quarter. In my private opinion, it is not because of la nature. It’s the men who did it. Recently, there was a house collapsed down into the ground. During these late few years, few more companies have settled in sand commerce. They pop up the sand  in the river and sell it to abroad and in the country. Once you take out sand from the river, waves would bring back from anywhere to fill up the hole. Since les companies are continuously doing so, waves fill up its holes continuously by collecting  the sand from anywhere else, even from the underground. Hmm, don’t know. I am  not so sure if the trembling is caused by the companies or  if it is by nature. Please see the pictures I have shot. The earth quake stroke at Kampong Cham.

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