Trembling of the Terre

This is not the first time I experienced trembling. Last night, around 9:30 heures du soir at my house, it was shaking  a little but terrible. It was not an earth-quake, but it stroke my maison and my quarter. In my private opinion, it is not because of la nature. It’s the men who did it. Recently, there was a house collapsed down into the ground. During these late few years, few more companies have settled in sand commerce. They pop up the sand  in the river and sell it to abroad and in the country. Once you take out sand from the river, waves would bring back from anywhere to fill up the hole. Since les companies are continuously doing so, waves fill up its holes continuously by collecting  the sand from anywhere else, even from the underground. Hmm, don’t know. I am  not so sure if the trembling is caused by the companies or  if it is by nature. Please see the pictures I have shot. The earth quake stroke at Kampong Cham.


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