A friend of mine asked me if the monks should have vote or not!! Personally, I have to support the monks since they play very big & important roles in almost every domain in the société. The monks have a variety of rôles to perform in the world. Being a citoyen / citizen, it’s an obligation to vote for better. But it would be dangereux to mix the two together, politique & religion. Not allow religious people to vote is not right, therefor allow them to vote makes no sense. Buddhists are still human, still citoyens, it’s just the true buddhists are free from préjudice. I also agree that if the monks vote, they can easily influence other voters. If the monks are not allowed, it seems unfair to the définition of bieng a citoyen. The monks can vote as its their right to vote for the country, and it’s not a crime. But they should vote privately which means they don’t persuade other voters in the publique, perhaps.

I give one story  » There’s a snake’s catching a frog in its mouth. Ignoring can’t be made. Letting the snake eat the that frog or letting the snake can’t have her food & starve to death is a karma « . What do you think the monk should do? What about yourself? C’est un peu compliqué mais c’est la via!!