If you ask anyone on the planet what the liars do, the first thing they agree on  is the liars don’t look in the eye. Avant, on commence this; repondez these questions first. »Are you a liar? Ask yourself if you are a liar, dare you look straight in someone’s eyes that you lie to?? « . You can’t really escape from the security of Ti Tit’s trick. If you are not being honest with queque’un who already read my article, he/she will find you out because of your shifty eyes.

Alright, now; tell me how do you tell if someone is lying? In fact, the facial expressions describe best, even we try hard to conceal them. But can we still tell if that liar is an expert of lying? Then what can we do? Hmm, the answer is very easy and simple. You have to find a class yourself or you can check the internet for more information. Ti Tit’s trick can’t help you. It just helps you to know better of liars.

By the way, I am not even sure if my answers are correct. Just want to let you know that, in case, you believe it trop.