Strangers in paradise!

People keep asking me via facebook c’est quoi the album « strangers in paradise » is, who the strangers in paradise are, and pourquoi so.  This is very simple. We’ve known already what the « stranger » and « paradise » are, don’t we? Tout simplement, « stranger » means a person  in a place where they have never been  in before. It’s derived from the word « strange » which means unusual or odd or not familiar. So stranger could mean an unusual person. Therefore, paradise explains perfectly a place of happiness and smile. Perhaps you can have a look at the pics I’ve uploaded to see what they look like, maybe they look like a half-ready-smiled dinosaur like the person who reads this article. I apologize if I use the word incorrectly since mon anglais is bad.  Alright, I’ll be more serious this time. Totally, strangers in paradise are mostly my friends whome I shot their photos myself at any where or any event or even any time from any corner. You, dear reader, will probably smile, or even laugh, when you see their photos. They are quite lovely though. Are you jealous that you can’t see your photo here? 


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