Kinds of personne.


I look for the new ways to do things. I search for new ideas and analyze old one!! I take time everyday to just think and let my mind run free.  People say I am crazy, but they don’t know how crazy the world is!!


I make the best of situation I can’t control. I change the things about myself that I feel need changing. I look for the good in people and experiences. I always love to test the world. In contrast, I refuse anything negative..


Everything I do is important, so I give 120% of myself to all I do.

Am I powerful?

Yes, I think I am. I am a powerful personne. I take every opportunity to expand my knowledge and increase my mental wealth.


I take good care of myself, the things I own,  and  my obligation.  « I do it, I take care of it, I face it, I deal it » this is my proverb.

A big important image

I walk, I talk, and I act like a very important personne because I am a very important personne!!


I have an open mind and am willing to listen to new ideas always. I know that nothing stays the same forever, nothing’s permanent, and no one is perfect. I am adaptable and ready to change when necessary.


Honestly, I am  not  patient. I can’t wait to delay the time if I want now. I really need your help!!

My time

Let remember my proverb »I do enjoy every moment of my life », enjoy to learn life’s lessons which can be sad, happy..

A sense of humor

I never take myself or my problems too seriously. I am able to laugh at myself and my mistakes.

A bad personne

I don’t know why I can’t control to laugh and make fun of others!!


Hmm, hard to tell!! Hard to describe!! I sleep 8 to 9 hours per day, exercise everyday, but I don’t eat good food. I respect my body, and I always keep it in form.

Good judgment

it’s far different from  me. I never  care about my actions before I do them. That’s so sad!!


I smile a lot and always find something positive to say. I like people.

Not afraid to fail

I am willing to try, to risk. The only way I can I can  really fail is if I don’t try yet.

Not afraid to be different, but love to be unique and special

I am a person who does things on my own way. I am proud to be me. I am special. I have my own values. I don’t put my head on the people who says I am  different is bad, but I listen to them though.

A good listener

That is not me if I say I am a good listener.

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