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A question comes out from my mind that why we have to conserve our culture, or identity which are our heritages, world heritages. This question seems to be out away from the topic but it’s just another vision to the globalization. Perhaps you guys are confused with the word « globalization » with « modernization« .  Currently, I doubt if we are trying to globalize or modernize. Si je comprend bien le mot « globalize », it means to operate the whole  world to be the same or  to affect the world to be a single community. If I am correct, then what we are trying to do is just to kill every unique culture to be as one, and to convert our identity to be the same. I don’t really know if you like it this way or what, but I’ll ask you this »

« We are travelling everyday is just to see something different. What if every city, everywhere is same, would you still want to travel?  »

« Do you wonder why we, people, invented lots of kinds of food such as fry, roast, grill, and boil, ext? You don’t want to eat fried rice every day, every where and every time, do you? »

Think about it!! That’s what we are trying to do!!

Look at the pics!! You wouldn’t see this any much further!!

Note: These pics are not shot by me. I copy-past from the internet!

photo from google
photo from google
photo from google
photo from google
photo from google
photo from google

ពីទី ទិត្យ


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