Actually, I do want to collect the photos de marriage myself but I can’t travel that much and that far just to get one shot or two. I have checked the internet for some photos of our world wedding costumes.  They all look pretty nice! Honestly, I can’t tell the European  traditional wedding costumes. To me, they all look the same. That’s why I don’t post many of them!! Asia, a land of extremes, has a highly number of costumes which you guys can always tell where they come from. For Africa, I confess that my connaisance générale is pretty low.  The costumes are different, but I can’t tell where and which part of Africa they are from.

ថៃ Thailand
ខ្មែរ Cambodia
ចិន China
ម៉ុងគោល Mongolia
អង្លេស England
លាវ Laos
អីស្លាម Muslim
ឥណ្ឌា India
សិង្ហបូរី ឬ តែវ៉ាន Taiwan, Singapore
បារាំង France
កូរ៉េ Korea
ភូមា Burma
អាហ្វ្រិក Africa
ឥណ្ឌួនេស Indonesia
អូស្ត្រាល Australia
ជប៉ុន Japan