How to form a political party


« In the democratic world, if you do not like the way the country is run, start your own political party ». To create a political party, you need to follow the very basic systems/ steps which are very long and complicated processes. It needs as well a charismatic personality to start it. The rules, of course, differ depending on where you live. Here is a general brief guide to forming it yourself.

  • Decide on a name

This is trickier then you might think

You have to choose a name that is not repeated or used (you can not use a name that is already used or one that sounds too much like another party). You can not call yourself the Official party or Royal name such as King, His Majesty, Long Live the King…

  • Gather signatures

In General, you have to gather enough signatures which must be done by the 135th day before the next election at least. You have to have a certain number of supporters (1% of registered voters)(in Cambodia, there must be 4.000 supporters) being at least 18 years of age and having a permanent residence in the kingdom.

  • Register your party

In the democratic countries, political party names must be registered with the Electical Commission, as well as notified in writing and acknowledge to the ministry of Interior(in Cambodia). This is to prevent your party name might confuse electors. As you are registering, political strategies, location, and even logos must to be added. The conditions for party’s registration are fulfilled.

  • Draw up a manifesto

Bravo! This is your chance to set out your ideas for a better world, build up your commitments for the changes, recruit candidates by positions and duties; totally, once your party has formed you can focus your work on putting together a slate of candidates, and you administrate your party.

  • Launch the campaigns

Before you can be considered as an official party to the public, a national campaign is demanded at a general election. And campaigning can be a costly business.

  • Funding

Most new parties want to be seen as genuine ones. But to stand a chance taking on the big parties, small donations are probably not going to be enough. Raise tons of money to keep your party going.

Most importantly, remember that there are millions that are waiting to be lead and without a leader, it’s like 10 tigers without heads.

Finally, all the steps described above, in general, have to be done by most countries. And the rules do vary from state to state, country to country as it mentioned above too.

« You are probably not going to win, but it is still worth it ».






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