Alien spaceship

I am not telling you to believe me, but I am telling you to think about it, to keep it in mind and wait to see yourself one day. I have never seen an Alien nor an Alien spaceship, but my brother has. I believe him. I don’t think he lied me and our family, even his wife.

Once long ago, my brother, Ti Tu, at the 4th grade of Rohat primary-school, saw a weird flying thing – formed like 2 plates group together. One evening, he was back from the school very late. When he got home, he realized that he’d forgotten his new hat, which mum bought for him, at the school. Since the school was not very far, he decided to return to school as soon as he could. As usual, the schools in the province are usually quiet, and, normally; there is only one schedule – morning schedule or afternoon schedule. My brother, a kind of person who’s afraid of ghosts, run toward his class very fast. He tried to find his new hat everywhere in the class, but could not make it. It was a little bit dark already, my brother decided to give up. He jumped through the back window to get out to the fast way home. Immediately, a sight of a round helicopter (which he thought it was a modern helicopter) was about to land few giant steps away, which is fairly far, in front of his face. He could not hear the noise of the engine but wind which tried to push the ship itself against the gravity of the earth. After a moment, a flash light from the bottom of the ship shined very bright, and the ship, whew,  left very fast. My brother hadn’t talked about it or had told anyone until last year, when he came to visit me, Srok Khmer. My brother suspects that the flash light that shined before it flies, is used to reduced to gravity of the earth to the ship; so that, the ship could be faster and lighter.

Me, personally, I wish I could see it by my own eyes once, at least, in my life time.

Have you seen one before? Do you believe in it?


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