Protéger our planète

Today, it’s  man who threats, often with the way of  involuntary, the fragile balance of the Earth  : his life-style, sometimes, is a disaster of the environment.

Since 19th century, the augmentation  of the  rubbish production and the increasing of the pollution of the Earth have been destroyed the planete. Human activity produces 30 billion tons of Carbone Dioxide per year.  Where can we find those Carbone Dioxide on Earth? 99 % of those Carbone Dioxide are from the transforming of the charbon or petrol for énergie. Almost 30 years, the dangers of the plastique garbage have been alerted. Unfortunately, the warn seems to be not considered. Les espèces animals or vegetable, much  more valuable then  the gold or diamants, constituted  to be a rich principle of the planete. But this biodiversité is nowadays in danger. The over-needs of  man  provoke a disaster of the disappearance of  the animals and végétables. Skin has been  used for coats, shoes, ext; horn has been used for decoration, mégical amulet, ext; meat has been used for medicines; Trees  have been  chopped up for  villas, industries, furniture,.. The chemical liquid garbage from industries has been flowed to rivers, oceans, lakes. The sector of industry responsible for 25 billion tons of CO2. Should the nature be angry? Drought killed  290 000 people  in China in 1976, Tsunami remained 230 000 deaths  in 2004, Cyclone in Bangladesh  remained 400 000 deaths in 1970, eruption  volcanique in Indonesia killed 92 000 people, earthquake in Haiti in 2010, tornado in Nebraska in 2010..


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