Elephants are afraid of mice.

As I always watch Walt Disney cartoon, Sambo ( elephant) all the elephant panic . I’ve checked the internet about it. Disney didn’t invent the story that  elephants are afraid of mice; it only capitalized on something everybody knows or believes to be true. But is that true? Can a tiny mouse really panic a giant biggest land animal in the world, which they have no predators except man? It depends on the circumstances. I think, generally speaking, elephants aren’t afraid of anything; just look straight in its size. In fact, I found out that elephants don’t see very well; their eyes are on the sides of their head rather then the front. Consequently, if something tiny should dart around an elephant’s feet, the creature is spooked to get way from whatever down there.  Why don’t you wonder why it’s not unusual for a mouse to get into an elephant’s place and elephants have no reaction? This occurs only in the wild, it’s even rare.

Notice: Elephants do have one fear that they share with humans: both species are frightened when they see the bones of their own kind.


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