What do you think about dinosaurs? What about Christianity/Islam?

Hmm, I am thinking about dinosaurs. Where did they come from? What happened to them? Dinosaur's Fossils have been found all over du monde, and their bones are displayed in the mussées for all of us to see. The story we, tous, have heard from les movies, la television, les newspapers, and most magazines and... Lire la Suite →


Why Seven Days in a Week?

7 days in a week and 4 weeks in a month. That bothers me a lot. I really wonder why there are seven days in a week, and why there are 4-5 weeks in a month? But there is no 7‑day week in nature like 12 months in a year; so why a week, there... Lire la Suite →

Les danseuses Khmer rouge.

រូបថតនេះ បានដកស្រងចេញពីសៀវភៅរូបថតគ្រួសារសបស់សម្មាភីបាលខ្មែរក្រហម្មាក់! ក្រុមសិល្បះនេះបង្កើតដោយខ្មែរក្រហម ដើម្បីសំដែងជូនថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំ និង គណះប្រតិភូនៃ ‘‘ប្រទេសជាមិត្ត’’ នានា ទស្សនាកំសាន្ត។ ’’ពូកសិល្បការិនីទាំងនោះរាំដូចជាមនុស្ស វិកលចរិត’’ នេះជាការនឹកឃើញរបស់ទស្សនិកជនម្នាក់ក្នុងចំនោមទស្សនិកជនដ៏កំរ ទាំឡាយ ដែលបានទស្សនាការសំដែងឆាកយកលំនាំតាមបែបម៉ៅនិយម។ ផ្ទុយពីកាយវិការសំដែងដ៏ស្រាលៗ នៃរបាំ ប្រពៃណី ពួកសិល្បការិនី ’’ កម្ជុជាប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ’’ ត្រួវស្រែកច្រៀងស្ទើរបែកបំពង់ក ដាចខ្យល ហើយ ធ្វើត្រាប់តន្ត្រំដោយឥតសំចៃដៃជើងនូវកាយវិការបដិវត្តទាំងឡាយ៕ This photo was taken from the family album of a Khmer Rouge officer. This cultural troupe was created by the regime to entertain its leaders and visiting delegations from "brother"countries(ally). "These... Lire la Suite →

Est-ce que je suis bi-?

I frequently ask myself ce que je suis heterosexual or homosexual or even bisexal.  I had many girlfriends before. And I know I do love ladies, of course; but somehow, during these few years, I am attracted less by the girls.  I am very confused now. How does a normal person become gay/lesbian? How does... Lire la Suite →


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