IMG_1658 vI am 21 years of age. I started masturbate six years ago each day. Masturbation doesn’t cause any harm to your body until and unless you over do it. But I wonder how many times a day which is counted to be called « over do ». People might think I am so strange, so crazy, but they don’t know yet that 99% of guys do masturbate each day, and many girls in the West do. I think it helps me ( it should be « US », not only « ME ») a lot to control my orgasms last longer which turn me better at sex.

But is it possible for a man of age of 24 never have ejaculated even once in his life time, he does not even know how to jerk off? It’s very droll. Or perhaps it’s a lie since Cambodians are so timid, even he/she talks to her/his best friend or parents. But if it is true, does it traumatize his sexual health, virility and mental cerveau  later on?


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