១២, ​១២​, ១២

There is nothing else girls love more then seeing guys in their suit like this, right?

I was thinking of making a record to my history calender which means I wanted to make a thing unforgettably. I’ve done what everyone should do, I’ve experienced what everybody should experience; « Taste the World » that’s my proverb. But one thing that I’ve never done and always wanted to do is that « Having sex in group ». It’s crazy, but why shouldn’t I try it? It’s pretty super embarrassing to tell your friends what you are thinking, so blog is the best thing to do. Fate didn’t want me to have a chance during ១២​, ១២, ១២, not even give me a shadow of thinking about it. Bad luck came ahead of ១២​, ១២, ១២,  I lost my wallet while queuing to the cinema. I lost all my card, including my ID card, and my money that I was supposed to shopping. One worse thing is that, I am amoureux and  broken heart. Hmm, that sucked. ១២​, ១២, ១២ arrived, my mates come over for a little chit chat & drink & staying my house. Hmm, that was boring but it’s better then having sex in group since it’s pretty risky with the  disease. Anyway, I decide to have shot of my guys in suit. haha..


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