554701_10151182103648489_1354766506_n389900_10151209630508489_429773251_nWell, you might wanna read this first before you make a final decision that all strangers are crazy. To be honest, I’ve got no idea how people possibly consider strangers like a fool. Hopefully what you are about to read will motive you to be re-assume what strangers exactly are, and hopefully you will share this information to others, like your friends/family.

What we are using in our daily lives are found/invented/ or even discover by those who are considered strangers. One example: Imagine this; before the invention of airplane, man would not believe iron could possibly fly. Wright brothers were considered a fool that they atempted to fly. « A man, no wings, how come? ». By 1903, first airplane was launched (It would take 3 months to get to USE without airplane).