305743_10150354032538489_325528284_nOURNG DANY

Do you know her? Are you sure you know her long enough? Kikikiki.. I agree that she is sweeter then chocolate you’ve ever eaten.<br />Advantages of eating sweets is that we are obtaining glucose which is a form of energy to make us active. It makes you feel good &amp; soothy. But, only but Disadvantages are that eating a lot of sweets is not good for our health and it is a junk food which can cause our teeth to become yellow,loosen our gums, and makes us fat. Such small things can make a large difference and god forbid we can never tell when it will turn into a big disease like: diabetes which could kill you.<br />On 25/12/2012, 22:04, an information of obtaining American Dream Visa was asked and informed. Dany told me her brother, who lives in America, opens a book store in Chicago; a big business, and he needed 6 people from Cambodia to work there with a salary of 2000$. O-oh, 2000$, that’s a big money though. She asked us to pay 450$ for the visa. That’s wow, not a very small money as well. Luckily, I am not one of them. Unfortunately, M.Janyan was( Ask him yourself what happened). He was cheated some little small money about 185$. M.Sam Ol aussi, his ID Card is still there.