Help! I am facebook addicted!

0Right!! I have facebook. I am on it almost every minute. If I log off, I think about logging on and when i am on, i don’t have not much to do other things cos I am addicted to it. Also I can’t delete my account because I need to socialize with friends, also my friends would kill me since they need to contact me. Any suggestions how i can have my life back and stop being addicted to facebook? How can I stop checking my Facebook every 5 minutes? Likewise, reducing the Facebook stuff is harder then anything in this world right now. I am a pretty lazy boy, but not with facebook. To be honest, I don’t comment on it very a lot; but I can’t stand still without checking it everytime I am free, even few minutes waiting the light stop turns green. Any suggestion?

A friend of mine suggested me to deactivate my account for a while, to give my laptop to my parents for a week, to take the internet off my phone, to shut down my computer’s  internet, to get out and do other bits, to talk to real people which is so much better than to a screen.


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