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février 2013

Why I love s.o only a short period of time?

IMG_0315Pour quoi j’aime qq’un justement un temps tres court?

Justement vouloir savoir about everyone’s feeling on falling in love over just a short period of time, let just say un moi or deux or even une semaine. There are some people that believe in this and there are some that don’t. Love can happen at any time but the real issue is you are in love. Actuellement, I don’t want it comes that way, but it does naturally. Je sais que it hurts so painfully when s.o we love more than life asks to break up, but it’s even worse if we stay together without any love, right? We can’t blame ourselves if our hearts choose that way, right? But Is there anything we can change it?


Beggars, c’est la tradition?

IMG_004900It starts from a year Zero, Zero point in 1980, after Khmer rouge collapsed, Cambodia tries to develop its country while facing with many difficult things such as poverty, mal-educated people, economic crisis.. It’s a developing country, but there are many beggars, even export abroad.

If a beggar begs you money, do you think you would give them? Do you think that’s the right way to help them? Don’t you think giving money to begging children can be harmful? Are there better ways to help them?

By government’s help and its people’s, many NGOs, centers, communities are created to help those who need. Many jobs are offered them a priority. Like nowadays, the kingdom is facing labor shortages in the agricultural, construction, and industrial sectors. Now, question is, “WHY DO THEY BEG?”

Oh, I found out that Khmer beggars are mostly from Svay Rien, Prey Veng & very few from Siem Reap.

Dog’s mouth is cleaner then a human’s?

549626_10151092022513489_71621632_nWe, humans, always clean our teeth, always go to dentists for the protection but o-oh why we still have bad teeth compared to dogs? It’s a doubtful matter among kids (and plenty of adults) that a dog’s mouth is cleaner.

Ask the Vet yourself how, why..!! Indeed, it is a myth. A dog’s mouth contains lots of bacterias. Just imagine that how many things dogs use their tongues. Remember, a dog’s tongue is not only his washcloth but also his toilet paper. If so, why people say that being bitten by a human is more dangerous, in term of infection, then being bitten by some other animals, like dog? My answer is, as I checked the internet, the danger rate of human bites only goes up if the wound is left untreated.

Let me know if you know any answer..

We are taller than our ancestors

294448_10150317803723489_1029628_nMy Khmer friends told me that the ancient Khmer were much bigger and taller then we are today. I found out it is wrong, according to a scientifique reason and reality. So people were shorter then they are today.

In Europe, they remark how low the ceilings are, and how small the beds. The most common reason offered is nutrition: thank god for giving us a vitamin-rich food (kikikikiki..). In Asia, we are not very far different from our ancestors since our gene & our traditional food dominant our look. One simple reason that people in Cambodia do not notice that is temples, houses, were often built larger which people can’t notice if we are bigger or smaller. But, carelessly, doors before were designed to fit people’s size at that time, so we know that they were shorter since the doors are mostly found shorter. We are giants when compared to our ancestors.

Does this mean humans will continue to grow ever taller until 3 meters height is standard? The answer is short “NO”. Our standard increasing height has largely leveled off.

Who would like this 20$ bill?

564280_10150989519538489_1992770348_nWho would like this $20 bill?

A well-known speaker started off his seminar holding up a $20.00 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, « Who would like this $20 bill? » Hands started going up. He said, « I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this. »

He proceeded to crumple up the $20 dollar bill. He then asked, « Who still wants it…? » Still the hands were up in the air. « Well, » he replied, « What if I do this? » And he dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. « Now, who still wants it? » Still the hands went into the air.

« My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We may feel as though we are worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value.

Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you are still priceless to those who DO LOVE you. The worth of our lives comes not in what we do or who we know, but by WHO WE ARE.

You are special-Don’t EVER forget it. » If you do not pass this on, you may never know the lives it touches, the hurting hearts it speaks to, or the hope that it may bring. Count your blessings, not your problems. Please share! Have a great day!

By Rath Muni

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae français Copy_0Curriculum Vitae français Copy_1

Decorating your bedroom!

Picture 003The most PERSONAL living space in the house, the bedroom is often the most neglected-no doubt that it’s seldom seen by guests. Some people don’t like staying in their bedroom very long because their bedroom is boring.” GO TO YOUR ROOM” may no longer be such a punishment, now that your quarters are outfitted with fresh, fun, and decorating materials, no matter it’s small, if you know how to decorate it well. Bedroom now becomes a personal environment with multiple purposes-playing area, computer room, entertainment, study hall.. Doesn’t your bedroom merit more attention?

664866_10151292388543489_2022606255_oSmall space or less money or there are many things in the room doesn’t mean that you can’t have a comfortable bedroom. With everything else you have to think about in designing your bedroom, it would be easy to let the lighting illuminate everything around. Good lighting is a part of careful design. Ambient lighting: provides a comfortable amount of illumination.  It supplements natural ight, so you can walk and see around safely. Feel like you are somewhere with nature. Color: gives an extra atmosphere. It can enlarge or shrink a space, highlight or create a mood. Furniture: helps the room looks more creative, comfortable, and easy. It needs no expensive products. You can even make yourself at home by using what you’ve got.218757_10150206593323489_4601776_o


Have you ever felt like you are being hunted?

IMG_09121Have you ever felt like you are being hunted, felt like from the other side comes to take you? Every action you do, and everywhere you are, you are spied all the time. It’s like if you are careless in just only one thing, they’ll attack you. If you experienced Khmer rouge regime, it might feel the same thing. You are just like waiting for your turn to die. I am scared at first. But

Bath equipments can be made easily by yourself.

Photo_C7368432-2A5D-4B3D-3943-705E8154FF3CI think it’s really a waste to buy the bath equipments while you can always make it yourself. Buying those products is not a matter since those products are inexpensive, but producing things for your own is more fun like bath mat, washcloth, toilet cloth, toothbrush holder, back-washcloth, and many more things depend on the materials you have at home. They are all recycle, help the earth; right?
Bath mat: use ur old clothes, sew it all together few layers; then you can use.
Washcloth: get a piece of ur clothes, wrap it with a net; then you can use.
Toilet cloth: get a straight wood, stick it with a kind of clothes you think it can clean your toilet.
Toothbrush holder: a big piece of wood, dig a deep hole; then ok..
Back-washcloth: a long wood with a net et cloth.
I don’t explain how to make it cos you can always make it in many different ways. Let’s share if you’ve got any ideas.


The positive discrimination au travail

On dit souvent“ stop aux discriminations!” mais en reality la discrimination au travail est pratiquée. Qu’est-ce que c’est une bonne idée à créer un système de discrimination positive dont les entreprises obligent  privilégier les personne moins capacité,  c’est-à-dire : employer les personnes  moins de chance à obtenir le travail; notamment, les handicapés  et/ou les analphabètes?

Pour assurer l’égalité & liberté et pour obtenir tout le ressource humain, on a créé une loi pour aider les handicape, qui ont la vie dur et aussi très grave, a s’intégrer a la société donc il ne manque pas un petit ressource qui vient d’ handicapés.

Je crois il y a aussi une erreur de ce système au cas les entreprises ont besoins de personnes capables. C’est le cas de l’économique, les entreprises doivent être compétents avec la qualité, la quantité et le temps du monde, c’est dont les handicapes ne peuvent pas donner, ou moins donner.

L’internet, what’s for?

303239_10150337111708489_274174473_nInternet est  a super very nice media to connect avec le monde entier. On l’utilise to share files, entertainment, information, and lots more activities. We use it to help us, to benefice in many terms. You can browse with Google (le plus facile thing to do, peut-etre), facebook,.. People browse internet pour information, yes, to socialize themselves, to gain more knowledge.

A friend of mine accesses the internet at home. Mais every time, he has a question or he needs to check something; ” Tit”, he asks. I really do not know why so, pourquoi he uses the internet, what for?? Un jour, I asked him. Can guess what he would repondre? Il a dit “ besides of facebook, yahoo, entertainment stuff, nothing else I try”. O-oh, c’est dur.

What’s the difference between Cambodia and Khmer?

We still live with each other harmony. We love each other. Cheers!!

Actually, I want to write this in French but since more people seem to better understand English then French; here it goes.

Do you actually know what Cambodian and Khmer are? A friend of mine asked me what the difference between Cambodian language and Khmer language was! “Same”, I replied sans wasting any minutes, “They are the same”. “Then, can I say I speak Cambodian instead of Khmer? “, he asked me another question. “No can do”, I said, “Cambodian language refers to a language of Cambodian while Khmer language refers to a language of Khmer. Notice this: in our dictionary, Cambodian country is Cambodia, its nationality is Cambodian/Khmer (It was changed from Cambodia nationality to Khmer nationality in 2000, maybe.), and its language is Khmer.  The word KHMER is used to describe ethnicity, race, language, nationality, it’s almost everything, while the word CAMBODIA is used to only describe the country and its adjective. For example: Cambodian ethnics are Kuy, Kreung, Khmer, Chinese, Vietnamese… On the other hand, Khmer ethnic is Khmer descendant”.

Kikikikiki, this is like hmm Linguistique study which means the grammar is correct but it’s not acceptable nor understandable. Like hmm, I say “ it rains, you rain, he rains..” Grammatically, it is correct but it does not make any sense (or it does?).

A person in Cambodia is called Cambodian & he/she speaks Khmer.

I do apologize for my poor quality of English writing

Blood group B

1Don’t read if you don’t have blood group B

You might think it’s strange to talk about human’s characteristique by sorting blood group. We now know that blood type O is the oldest blood type in the history of humanity. But you already know that they were not very clever comparing the new blood type like A or B. As I have searched « the blood group B is from eastern Africa continued past Europe and Asia toward the Himalayas, which is a part of India, Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan today. This was a move from hot to cold climates, and it is believed that blood type B may have been a mutation based on this climatic change. Blood type B also established its presence in the Ural region of Asia, where the populace was a mix of Mongolian and Caucasian tribes. The Mongolians moved through Asia and dominated the Eurasian Plains, and soon blood type B was as good as set in this segment of people. The northward movement heralded more animal domestication, so the diet slowly turned more toward dairy and meat. »

As the scientists have been searching for many years by many people that, we, blood group B, should be proud of ourselves since the result gives us a great exciting. Kikikiki.. We are the smartest people after all. We are the most subjective, easygoing, creative, original and flexible comparing to the rest of blood types. Do you notice that not many people can do like what you can do? Some of them are even jealous because you are almost perfect. Kikikikiki.. It sounds a little bit exaggerated but hmm it’s not fault.

Do we answer his question?

562670_10151089561313489_1314611980_n« I have done a technology transfer project in Nepal and a library project in Mexico and have decided that this is what I want to do.. to involve local HK volunteers to bring an impact to local communities.. whether through technology transfer, or building something that is needed by locals etc.. perhaps not teaching because it would be not sustainable if the volunteers are only there for 2 or so weeks.
Anyway I was thinking of a solar cooker project.. but am a little concerned about its feasibility and whether it is needed in Cambodia. I was thinking of getting hk volunteers to teach local women (those interested in using solar cooker) to make one (it’s very easy to make) and then provide them with materials so that they can teach others to make the cooker by charging them a small fee. I would really appreciate your professional advice! So I wondering, whether you are familiar with rural Cambodia? Do you think it’s needed in Cambodia? What are the real needs of the people in rural areas? »

Could you give me a response to that?? I am not familiar with rural Cambodia at all!!! » A friend of mine asked me.

I answered: « Cambodia, the poorest country in region, has achieved strikingly high rate of economique grownth over the last 10 years. Cambodia’s lacking of electricity, even many dams are built recently. Diesel & heavy fuel oil will become a major source of hydropower. Last week, Siem Ream who always bought electricity from thailand has used its own electricity for the first time. Most provinces that share the frontier with our neighboring countries buy electricity from them.

Nowadays, many of thos provinces have just started to look at building dams, solar machin(sth from sun for energy),hydropower..

Solar energy has moved to a number one step of all. Thousands more & more houses install this system everyday. Even the energy from wind has been using for these last 2 years.
The solar company(a local company) has provided its skill through out cambodia.
Solar energy has become also a favorite question to many main cities. A hand-made electrical car was used(Battambang or sth).
Totally, solar energy will be a hot choice in a whole cambodia(my family will use as well).
On the other hand, the improvement of solar energy system needs to be developed with the new techniques, everything. »
Another of my friends added « Many dams are proposed these day in Cambodia, not yet built. There are so many options to gain electricity with Eco environment friendly, not only solar but also other are included and considered as the main source to produce electricity, wind is one of the source, for in stance. »

Do we answer the question? »

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