Blood group B

1Don’t read if you don’t have blood group B

You might think it’s strange to talk about human’s characteristique by sorting blood group. We now know that blood type O is the oldest blood type in the history of humanity. But you already know that they were not very clever comparing the new blood type like A or B. As I have searched « the blood group B is from eastern Africa continued past Europe and Asia toward the Himalayas, which is a part of India, Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan today. This was a move from hot to cold climates, and it is believed that blood type B may have been a mutation based on this climatic change. Blood type B also established its presence in the Ural region of Asia, where the populace was a mix of Mongolian and Caucasian tribes. The Mongolians moved through Asia and dominated the Eurasian Plains, and soon blood type B was as good as set in this segment of people. The northward movement heralded more animal domestication, so the diet slowly turned more toward dairy and meat. »

As the scientists have been searching for many years by many people that, we, blood group B, should be proud of ourselves since the result gives us a great exciting. Kikikiki.. We are the smartest people after all. We are the most subjective, easygoing, creative, original and flexible comparing to the rest of blood types. Do you notice that not many people can do like what you can do? Some of them are even jealous because you are almost perfect. Kikikikiki.. It sounds a little bit exaggerated but hmm it’s not fault.


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