303239_10150337111708489_274174473_nInternet est  a super very nice media to connect avec le monde entier. On l’utilise to share files, entertainment, information, and lots more activities. We use it to help us, to benefice in many terms. You can browse with Google (le plus facile thing to do, peut-etre), facebook,.. People browse internet pour information, yes, to socialize themselves, to gain more knowledge.

A friend of mine accesses the internet at home. Mais every time, he has a question or he needs to check something; ” Tit”, he asks. I really do not know why so, pourquoi he uses the internet, what for?? Un jour, I asked him. Can guess what he would repondre? Il a dit “ besides of facebook, yahoo, entertainment stuff, nothing else I try”. O-oh, c’est dur.