What’s the difference between Cambodia and Khmer?

We still live with each other harmony. We love each other. Cheers!!

Actually, I want to write this in French but since more people seem to better understand English then French; here it goes.

Do you actually know what Cambodian and Khmer are? A friend of mine asked me what the difference between Cambodian language and Khmer language was! “Same”, I replied sans wasting any minutes, “They are the same”. “Then, can I say I speak Cambodian instead of Khmer? “, he asked me another question. “No can do”, I said, “Cambodian language refers to a language of Cambodian while Khmer language refers to a language of Khmer. Notice this: in our dictionary, Cambodian country is Cambodia, its nationality is Cambodian/Khmer (It was changed from Cambodia nationality to Khmer nationality in 2000, maybe.), and its language is Khmer.  The word KHMER is used to describe ethnicity, race, language, nationality, it’s almost everything, while the word CAMBODIA is used to only describe the country and its adjective. For example: Cambodian ethnics are Kuy, Kreung, Khmer, Chinese, Vietnamese… On the other hand, Khmer ethnic is Khmer descendant”.

Kikikikiki, this is like hmm Linguistique study which means the grammar is correct but it’s not acceptable nor understandable. Like hmm, I say “ it rains, you rain, he rains..” Grammatically, it is correct but it does not make any sense (or it does?).

A person in Cambodia is called Cambodian & he/she speaks Khmer.

I do apologize for my poor quality of English writing


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