Bath equipments can be made easily by yourself.

Photo_C7368432-2A5D-4B3D-3943-705E8154FF3CI think it’s really a waste to buy the bath equipments while you can always make it yourself. Buying those products is not a matter since those products are inexpensive, but producing things for your own is more fun like bath mat, washcloth, toilet cloth, toothbrush holder, back-washcloth, and many more things depend on the materials you have at home. They are all recycle, help the earth; right?
Bath mat: use ur old clothes, sew it all together few layers; then you can use.
Washcloth: get a piece of ur clothes, wrap it with a net; then you can use.
Toilet cloth: get a straight wood, stick it with a kind of clothes you think it can clean your toilet.
Toothbrush holder: a big piece of wood, dig a deep hole; then ok..
Back-washcloth: a long wood with a net et cloth.
I don’t explain how to make it cos you can always make it in many different ways. Let’s share if you’ve got any ideas.


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  1. every things that proposed by u look dirty and unpracticle……..why u need to make a big hard work while u just go to marktet pay 2000riel to get a proper washing body thing..why u need to cut ur parent moskquito net, steal someone fishing gear, and ask for sting from the vendor next to ur home. plus, it will not be used longer…..Ka sey hak tith……chhob lop tov!!!

    1. That’s why Khmer don’t know how to make things but only know how to buy things from our products then ask for aids. My family is a poor family, I can’t effort those products. That’s why I make them. « It’s never expensive if you are rich enough », remember this in your smart brain,dude.

      1. If u want to creat thing by khmer hand. u need to find material that promote khmer products…see of what u have had. Mosquito net, and more materials,which have been used by, u are 70% from other country.

          1. If i were u, i would place the heavy shoulder to other. R u really not khmer? u should be so ashame..look at ur khmer name that u write..first, i think u are cool. after heard this word of avoid being khmer and give all work to others , i feel u are so cheap. when ever i was abroad even in thailand, i proudly told them that i am Khmer from cambodia. U are too cheap and I should not get to know u…..U are singaporian or american arch kor ey ..kmean ban kar.

            1. Why you are angry « KHMER »? YOu don’t really know where I am from. My mum is Thai & my dad is Chinese-Cambodian. My real name Ti Tit, but Seyhaktit is from your king’s name, dude. I am nothing related to your blood, Khmer. Lucky me!! Cheers.. There are more then 20 000 Khmer beggars in Thailand currently. Cheers.. That’s what you can do best, my lovely dear friend!!

              1. So then u have to do three things for me.1) write a letter to my king saying that u don deserve khmer extra name co su have do nothing for country beside shaming khmer. 2) removed ur khmer name សន សីហទិត្យ cos it looks stupid for me to use it cos u are zero relevant to us beside look down my nation.3) move to live far away not in cambodia or PP any more cos i got sick of u and ur words now. u r only see the problems but cannot do anything. do u have to be real khmer in order to help them. let me tell u blinder, lots of good barang live and work here to help affected and the poor people. u are asshole to me now!!!

                  1. business like u cambodia doesnot need u or ur parents just pack ur staffs and get ur ass out. do u know what is the best pratice of bussiness. u just need money but never do any respect to our local people. tell ur mum and ur dad to move out away. i can eat sugar palm and salt…thousand year ago i can live without ur u think i will die without u…asshole!!!

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