Photo_C7368432-2A5D-4B3D-3943-705E8154FF3CI think it’s really a waste to buy the bath equipments while you can always make it yourself. Buying those products is not a matter since those products are inexpensive, but producing things for your own is more fun like bath mat, washcloth, toilet cloth, toothbrush holder, back-washcloth, and many more things depend on the materials you have at home. They are all recycle, help the earth; right?
Bath mat: use ur old clothes, sew it all together few layers; then you can use.
Washcloth: get a piece of ur clothes, wrap it with a net; then you can use.
Toilet cloth: get a straight wood, stick it with a kind of clothes you think it can clean your toilet.
Toothbrush holder: a big piece of wood, dig a deep hole; then ok..
Back-washcloth: a long wood with a net et cloth.
I don’t explain how to make it cos you can always make it in many different ways. Let’s share if you’ve got any ideas.