Picture 003The most PERSONAL living space in the house, the bedroom is often the most neglected-no doubt that it’s seldom seen by guests. Some people don’t like staying in their bedroom very long because their bedroom is boring.” GO TO YOUR ROOM” may no longer be such a punishment, now that your quarters are outfitted with fresh, fun, and decorating materials, no matter it’s small, if you know how to decorate it well. Bedroom now becomes a personal environment with multiple purposes-playing area, computer room, entertainment, study hall.. Doesn’t your bedroom merit more attention?

664866_10151292388543489_2022606255_oSmall space or less money or there are many things in the room doesn’t mean that you can’t have a comfortable bedroom. With everything else you have to think about in designing your bedroom, it would be easy to let the lighting illuminate everything around. Good lighting is a part of careful design. Ambient lighting: provides a comfortable amount of illumination.  It supplements natural ight, so you can walk and see around safely. Feel like you are somewhere with nature. Color: gives an extra atmosphere. It can enlarge or shrink a space, highlight or create a mood. Furniture: helps the room looks more creative, comfortable, and easy. It needs no expensive products. You can even make yourself at home by using what you’ve got.218757_10150206593323489_4601776_o