Decorating your bedroom!

Picture 003The most PERSONAL living space in the house, the bedroom is often the most neglected-no doubt that it’s seldom seen by guests. Some people don’t like staying in their bedroom very long because their bedroom is boring.” GO TO YOUR ROOM” may no longer be such a punishment, now that your quarters are outfitted with fresh, fun, and decorating materials, no matter it’s small, if you know how to decorate it well. Bedroom now becomes a personal environment with multiple purposes-playing area, computer room, entertainment, study hall.. Doesn’t your bedroom merit more attention?

664866_10151292388543489_2022606255_oSmall space or less money or there are many things in the room doesn’t mean that you can’t have a comfortable bedroom. With everything else you have to think about in designing your bedroom, it would be easy to let the lighting illuminate everything around. Good lighting is a part of careful design. Ambient lighting: provides a comfortable amount of illumination.  It supplements natural ight, so you can walk and see around safely. Feel like you are somewhere with nature. Color: gives an extra atmosphere. It can enlarge or shrink a space, highlight or create a mood. Furniture: helps the room looks more creative, comfortable, and easy. It needs no expensive products. You can even make yourself at home by using what you’ve got.218757_10150206593323489_4601776_o


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  1. Do u know I like from you? I like your unique act and the strange thing to like to do, Mr weirdo. I do like to see your room and thanks for allow me to see your messy room. It is not a critism but a compliment. I rare to like a thing but when I say I like a thing, so then, it must be an interested to see. You know what you room is full of weird stuffs and design. lots of local products and unique things that people might not things of they can make us as the decoration stuffs. My room is much cleaner and proper prepare. there are lots of natural light, window, and some green small plants that I grow. Decorating room can make people’s stress fade away, I do spent lots time more than other place, when I was at home.,…….Anyways, I admite that I really like you now, Mr weirdo and I would like to get to know you more.I am frankly talk though I know you really hate me but I don’s mind.

    1. I don’t hate you, of course. Just I don’t like you. If s.o is a real good person, he/she is not afraid to show his/her face. You don’t, do you? My room is quite small, quite dark comparing to yours. There are even more things that I can’t get rid of it. but it looks warm to live in. If you have a better room condition, I am sure it’s gonna be much better then mine. Many of the things in my room are hand made and home made. Dad & I make it though.

      1. Good to hear that you dont hate me, so it implys that you are loving me now..oh god, i am so happy if so.:D. my room is mgiht be same size but brighter. Who said clean and proper are not the part of decoration, if you decorate things in room, then, u dont feel fresh and proper placement of things, so that you might not comfortable to live in it with a prosper living condition. Hidden face man is not always bad person and please either dont judge or generalize things bcus most of the time, it will make u look wrong and stupid. Good guy will stand behide the scence to help the femal actress and affected persons, and that who is me.

        1. So you are trying to say clean and proper is decoration. Perhaps you are right, and my book is wrong. But decoration means art. If you don’t have many staff in your room, then it’s good. But if you do, what can you do? If you don’t have wardrobe, what can you do? There are many tall houses around my house, so light is hard to shine in. I am sure your room is very beautiful. Why don’t you share us your techniques of making your room so beautiful.

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