Dog’s mouth is cleaner then a human’s?

549626_10151092022513489_71621632_nWe, humans, always clean our teeth, always go to dentists for the protection but o-oh why we still have bad teeth compared to dogs? It’s a doubtful matter among kids (and plenty of adults) that a dog’s mouth is cleaner.

Ask the Vet yourself how, why..!! Indeed, it is a myth. A dog’s mouth contains lots of bacterias. Just imagine that how many things dogs use their tongues. Remember, a dog’s tongue is not only his washcloth but also his toilet paper. If so, why people say that being bitten by a human is more dangerous, in term of infection, then being bitten by some other animals, like dog? My answer is, as I checked the internet, the danger rate of human bites only goes up if the wound is left untreated.

Let me know if you know any answer..


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  1. I think my mouth and my puppy’s mouth are clean…i bet only ur mouth is not clean but your dog is cleaner. I think it is right bcus watch ur words..ouch…so irritated after hearing ur voice to me…just want to hardly kick ur butt.

      1. See that is y I think ur mouth is smell bet all times. If u have never smell ur mouth yet compare to Khmer beggar’ s mouth, pls do it n not wait cos I think ur mouth smell worse than them.

          1. Oh ho…I don compare people and I don want to compare others too. Khmer person ,like me, is humble, polite, n sweet. We don’t like comparing or judging others. Do u get what I say? Eat grass like u maybe don’t get na point I guess, but never mind it.

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