We are taller than our ancestors

294448_10150317803723489_1029628_nMy Khmer friends told me that the ancient Khmer were much bigger and taller then we are today. I found out it is wrong, according to a scientifique reason and reality. So people were shorter then they are today.

In Europe, they remark how low the ceilings are, and how small the beds. The most common reason offered is nutrition: thank god for giving us a vitamin-rich food (kikikikiki..). In Asia, we are not very far different from our ancestors since our gene & our traditional food dominant our look. One simple reason that people in Cambodia do not notice that is temples, houses, were often built larger which people can’t notice if we are bigger or smaller. But, carelessly, doors before were designed to fit people’s size at that time, so we know that they were shorter since the doors are mostly found shorter. We are giants when compared to our ancestors.

Does this mean humans will continue to grow ever taller until 3 meters height is standard? The answer is short “NO”. Our standard increasing height has largely leveled off.


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