IMG_004900It starts from a year Zero, Zero point in 1980, after Khmer rouge collapsed, Cambodia tries to develop its country while facing with many difficult things such as poverty, mal-educated people, economic crisis.. It’s a developing country, but there are many beggars, even export abroad.

If a beggar begs you money, do you think you would give them? Do you think that’s the right way to help them? Don’t you think giving money to begging children can be harmful? Are there better ways to help them?

By government’s help and its people’s, many NGOs, centers, communities are created to help those who need. Many jobs are offered them a priority. Like nowadays, the kingdom is facing labor shortages in the agricultural, construction, and industrial sectors. Now, question is, “WHY DO THEY BEG?”

Oh, I found out that Khmer beggars are mostly from Svay Rien, Prey Veng & very few from Siem Reap.