Photo_814ABCAF-CD4D-488A-ECC2-545678134FDCI, finally, found a recipie to protect against the cancer by using our natural defence. Doctors, actually, can’t really cure this maladie but if you follow my recipie, you can always reduce and avoid by using our daily-easy-diet.

 » J’ ai toujours pense que le seul probleme de la medicine scientifique, c’ est qu’ elle n’ est pas suffisamment scientifique. Alors, une seule sollution est le pouvoir de la nature.  » dit David Servan-Scchreiber.

Se protéger:

  1. Avoid the industriel chimical products:
  • Avoid pesticides(It can be found on fruit’s skin; so peel it off before you eat it) and insecticides(you might using somepart of you body touching it directly-even smell; if you know avoid it).
  • Avoid overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Rebalance the Eating:

  1. Eat bio food
  2. Reduce the sugar, white flour, le source d’oméga-6: oil, cheese, milk, butter..
  3. Eat more le source d’oméga-3: fish, bio vagetables, tofu..
  4. Avoid or reduce Traditional Occidental Food but eat more Indain and Asian cuisine.


  1. Do exercise 20-30 minutes at least of the physical activities.
  2. Sunbath 20 minutes everyday: synthesize the vitamine D.


  1. Practice a self-methode mental exercise

Se libérer du sentiment d’impuissance:

  1. Avoiding depression, and stress n Mr. Podlaski is super-handsome ^^’