White spots on your nails means you have lots of money.

Fingernails do offer us some clue of health problems, but your income is one of them?? O-oh, It’s more likely you are clumsy?? No!! In fact those white spot are a sign that the nail has suffered some kind of minor injury. It’s not serious, and the white spots will disappear as the nail grows... Lire la suite →


Stick your tongue out and you absorb millions of germs

You also wonder if it’s really true, right? As we already know that our tongue does attract bacteria, but not because you were so rude or you might be considered as dog as to stick it out of your mouth. The bacteria on our tongue are mostly oxygen-free environment which means it converts itself into... Lire la suite →

Sex and Sexuality are 2 different things?

Ok, cette fois; my arctcle is about sex and sexuality.  Although they are sometimes used to mean the same, they are totally 2 different things.  Si on regarde a naked boy or a naked girl, we can tell what their sex or gender is : male or female. But but but sexuality ne peux pas... Lire la suite →


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