Can we swim in the gaseous water?

Normally, we can swim accross the river of 10 meters (if you swim well) with no problem if there isn't any crocodile. But what if the river contains gaseous water, can we still swim? Is it easier to swim in the gaseous water then pure water? Well, I am not talking about chlorine gas which is... Lire la suite →


What can I do?

I'm turning 22 this August, and I am straight. I got teased in the high-school because everyone thought I was gay. In my Uni, nobody seems wanting to ask me if I am heterosexual, but I am totally considered as a beautiful young lady. When I meet new people they inevitably ask if I'm gay.... Lire la suite →

Sad story!!

Look in the mirror with all tears & say “You have to be strong. Everything’s going to be alright” .The pain does not stop. The more I feel it the more I get immune. Actually, he pain doesn’t really go away, it’s just that u just get used to it. Would you imagine a kid... Lire la suite →

Long Goodbye!

I could not stop crying in the middle of the night, and did not want to. I took a pencil out writing of what I dreamt about last night. It dreamt very much like a sad novel, but retained the unforgettable and unmistakable gravity of truth. The dream packed a very powerful emotion which punched... Lire la suite →

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