IMG_0250I’m turning 22 this August, and I am straight. I got teased in the high-school because everyone thought I was gay. In my Uni, nobody seems wanting to ask me if I am heterosexual, but I am totally considered as a beautiful young lady. When I meet new people they inevitably ask if I’m gay. When I tell them I’m straight, I can always tell that they’re surprised or that they think I’m lying. But once I told them I am bisexual, they asked more questions that I cannot really know the answers. My parents have both told me at one point or another that it’s okay if I’m gay, and that they’ll accept me no matter what. My friends always try to introduce me to guys they know. Some even register my names to find guys for me. I hate sports but I love to go shopping. I don’t like hunting but i love to drink orange juice and read a book at home. I don’t like getting dirty but i like to cook food and doing housework. I’m afraid of cockroach but I am attracted to women.