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juillet 2013

Hungry for Justice!!

IMG_0618« Do not be afraid for my heart if it stops; don’t fear for my hands if they’re paralysed. I am still alive now, and tomorrow, and after death, because Khmer is in my blood, in my devotion, and in my faith ». This is what papa always says. But what i am afraid of is that we die for nothing.

29 Junly 2013, I was really hungry when I woke up that morning. It had been only 5 hours since yesterday’s big bowl of soup and fried rice, and it was hard to think about much else as I headed to the kitchen. Then I paused for a while and ask myself that why i was hungry if I ate a big bowl in the evening while I have never eaten any in the evening for almost the rest of my life? And I was shocked myself that I have always had enough to eat. More than that, I’ve always been the kind of person who made sure to eat enough. I turned to the bathroom and looked straight to the mirror; then I realized that what I was hungry was JUSTICE. I focused more into my pupils and think what the difference is between being blind that can’t see people are being killed and being visible that can see people are being killed but can’t do anything!! This is crazy. Can you believe that the tears are rolling down my face?

« No one should live in this kind of fear » I spoke out alone. We would suffer and die at the end which makes no change, and what if we die right now, right here and have a chance to change for the youngers; would it be better? 


Few reasons given by gangs for killing people.

IMG_03370These are some tips of reasons why the gangsters kill or use violence toward people:

« Cause I don’t like his attitude. »

« Cause of the way he walks. »

« Cause he tries to get with my lady. »

« Cause he gives me no respect. »

« Cause he looks rude. »

« Cause he is a disgrace. »

« Cause he is wearing the wrong color. »

« Cause I don’t like him. »

« Cause he said something wrong. »

« Cause he looks at me funny. »

« Cause I want to. »

I’m so terrified, scared & tired of Khmer now.

IMG_023100This time, I am writing about my feeling towards the Khmer. My current feelings are now down & down. I hate to say that  I am scared of the Khmer but I like to be 100% honest in my blog posts.

I am scared of leaving the comfort of my home. I am scared of driving along the road. I am scared of being murdered. I am scared of  talking to the Khmer. I am scared of leaving the people I care. I’m scared of the possibility that I may never see some of them again.​ I am scared of the communism in the country. I am scared of seeing people harm each other. I’m scared of everything whenever I see th Khmer surround.

You don’t understand this feeling. But if you know, you’d how frighten it is!!

« Don’t be scared Tit! U can’t live without communism but you have to learn how to live. Just take carefully more and do not trust anyone completely. The society is like this ( Dark). » This is what I’ve been waiting to hear!!

Mes blogs, ça me détend!

L’art, ça me détend!!

L’art, ça me détend! J’ai commencé à bloguer en 2008 pour partager ma passion surtout l’art de photographs et mon advanture. À l’époque,  j’ai posté des photos du couché du soleil. et j’ai écrit un petit des articles qui parlent de problèmes de la vie quotidienne et les mythes. Je me suis arrêté d’apprendre l’anglais mais j’ai practiqué beaucoup avec wordpress et blogspot (Anglais écrit). C’est génial à mon age de 17 ans. Mon objectif, c’est quand même d’avoir plus de visiteurs car j’ai besoins de l’attention. Mais pour cela, il faut que j’y consacre plus de temps. Reccemment, j’ai écrit une article « IFL haunted » il y a 629 visiteurs justement en quelque jours d’après lancer. Je touche pas d’argent mais j’adorerais aussi un jour que je aussi gangnerais ma vie grâce à mon blog!


IMG_003100 (2)
រូបនេះ ទាល់តែយល់ឥឲ្យដល់គិត។ ខិកខិកខិក។។

ថ្ថៃនេះ ខ្ញុំបានមើលពត៍មានជាច្រើន​តាម​ ​Facebook។  ខ្ញុំបាននិងកំពុងឃើញភាពវឹកវររបស់ប៉ាជាជនខ្មែរយើង ជាពិសេសនោះគី យុវវ៍យបានចូលរូមរឿងនយោរបាយដែល វាជាការល្អ សំរាប់ប្រទេស។ តែហេតុអ្វី ត្រួវតែមានហិង្សា?? ខ្ញុំស្រលាញពាក្យដែល ខ្ញុំឃើញជាញឹកញ៉ាប់ដែលសរសេរថា​ « ស៊ូ~!ស៊ូ~!ដើម្បី​អនាគត​របស់​យើង​និង​ប្រទេស​យើង « ​ ខ្លាងណាស។ ខ្ញុំប្រហែលជាមនុស្សទីមួយក្នុងគ្រួសាររបស់ខ្ញុំហើយ បន្តាប់ពីពុករបស់ខ្ញុំ​ដែលជាជនជាតិខ្មែរដែរនោះ។ ខ្ញុំមិនមែនជាអ្នកជាតិនិយមទេ តែ ខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់ប្រទេសខ្ញុំ ស្រលាញសន្តិភាព យុតិធម៍ និង ប៉ាជាធិបតេយ្យ។ សង្បឹមថា ស្ថានការណ៍នៅកម្ពុជា នឺងប្រសើឡើង!

So damn lazy!

ខ្ញុំខាចិលអី ខាចិលម៉េះ!!! ខាចិលសូប្បីតែសួ!!

Perhaps  laziness is our greatest failure in the life. At first, I thought I am the only one who is so so damn lazy, but no. I’ve just checked Yahoo’s questions & answers how to stop being so lazy, and I found out that millions of people are having the same problem. I thousands times say « I want to change my behavior » and « Yeah, I really should do that… » but  I simply cannot figure out how to stop being lazy and I normally don’t move on! Why? My brother is worse. He doesn’t  do anything all day. When there is something to do he always tries get out of it. His girlfriend says he is selfish person and I agree. Is there anyway to help us out?
I now realize how lazy I am even to you to answer my questions.

Facebook tue la relation.

IMG_1590 (2)0
Dites « non » au facebook addicted!!

Facebook est un réseau social très utilisé. Tout monde joue le facebook sans cesse partout. Je ne sais pas mais facebook peut tuer la relation aussi. Reccement, j’ai parlé avec un ami qui m’a dit que facebook détruit sa relation entre lui et son petite amie. Je, d’abord, ne crois pas mais quand on a beaucoup d’arguments, je me rends que c’est abolutement vrai. Il m’a dit que sa petite amie ne le fiche pas, qu’elle ne pense que facebook, qu’elle est en colère pour ne pas chercher ses photos de Facebook ce week-end. je suis tout à fait avec l’idée que facebook est bien pour se contacter avec des amis et famille. Autre car, c’est la relation entre ami(e)s. La semaine dernière, est partit au Paradis sur terre pour le but: have fun together, mais ça tourne la direction. On n’a pas actuellement fait beaucoup de choses car tout le monde justement regarde ses smart phone pour le but de facebook. On a utilisé le facebook pour remplacer la vie quotidienne-parler face en face.

Deactiver nos compts de Facebook peut etre le clé pour mieux relation mais comment qu’on peut se contacter? Phone est absolutement couteuse.

RUPP at the Top!!

3Looking from far far away, RUPP building is just a normal building with a strange architecture. It appears to the oldest and tallest building the area. Of course, as we all know, old buildings often have something else going on beneath.  That something is a ghost story. Who know it would soon became a place of nightmares? Few female students jump from the building every year. As I remember, last year, a dead girl student found hanged in the classroom  at the top room.

You might find it so strange that most victims were girls. You can tract down with friends or alone to find out the answer (I don’t recommend you to search at night, especially girls). Let me know if you have any clue. But before you investigate, let’s read this: my friend, from Singapore, came to pay me a visit. Since she had nothing to do while I was studying, I told him to walk around the uni. She did. She even climbed up there. At the first, she told me she felt so good but once the sun went down, the sky went dark; she felt cold. Just a few minutes, she lost the way back down. The building was small but she still could not find the stairs. With no light, she was completely lost.  Suddenly,  she heard a group of female voice speaking. She took out her fone and rang me. When I recieved it, I knew sth would go wrong. I just left my class straight to the RUPP top floor. I didn’t go there alone, of course. I asked the security guide to turn on the right. Oh, my gosh! My friend stood up-right near the edge of the building seemed to wanting to jump. I shouted to her, than she suddenly awoke. If only I was late in a minute, I could always lose my friend’s life.


IFL haunted

IMG_00731Tout le mond has seen the horror movies and heard about the tales, but not everyone has a true ghost story. « WHO’S THERE? » question is the never responded. IFL is reported to be haunted by a third year girl student who was raped and killed in the Amphi 4 class, French department, by 3 stutents, two other men apparently known to students from high ranged family, who cooperate with a security guide on 18th August 2012 while the vocation took place. The victim’s body was  found naked in a field which is now a football match. The girl’s family also alleges they were threatened to not to file the rape complaint. Her brother alleged that police refused to register the family’s complaint of rape as well. Four weeks later, this murder has been forgotten but IFL is remained haunted. Many students who finish class late or spend time doing homework are always scared , and regularly heard the sound of chains dragging across the attic floor but no one seems to report anything. One evening, when a friend of mine was getting back from her class to get her car to leave, she felt someone watching her, and turned around to see an upstairs window glass, she see a seemingly invisible hand open a window in a room she had just left with all the windows closed. In another incident, a cleaner at night clearly heard somebody shut the door close, open the toilet water, and see water footprints  from girl toilet to  the classroom. During new year, students normally have 2 weeks off before the exams. Nothing went wrong, until the last day the exams. We had an oral exam, so each student is sorted and listed to each room in the department. Four students and two professors were in the room Amphi 4. We smelled sth from the roof, but we remained silent. One hour passed, the smell got worse and worse until we could not bear to continue staying in the room. One the my professor used a broom to knock the roof, suddently, a big thing fell down with worms and smell. It was a terrible shock. It was 3 human head combined. Those heads were found unknown the identity until 13th June 2013, ATM cards that  had been attached with 2 dead bodies were later found in the lake near the garage of IFL. IFL is one of the most famous school in Phnom Penh since 19th century. The keep the school runs forwards, the crime needs to be tranquil.IMG_09121

We use only 10% of our brain?

IMG_00310010According to the old proverbs that concern about human intelligence, it says that we actually only use 10% of our brain which means we, human, can actually be 10 times more intelligent. To me, I can’t really tell to if this source of this myth is true or false but I have never seen any scientique data to support it. Depends on M. Albert Einstein « We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources » which means we, human, can reach the moon in just using 10% of our mental intelligence. If it’s true,why doesn’t  the science prove it? Perhaps when people use the 10% brain statement, they mean that only one out of every ten cells is used at one time? or Maybe it means that just as people don’t use all of their muscle groups at one time, so they don’t use their brain at once too??

Petite soi-mème présentation!!

11Moi, Ti Tit. Je suis édutiant francophone au DEF à Phnom Penh où j’y habite. J’apprend le dessin d’interieur aussi. J’ai 21 ans et je vient de Sisophon. J’ai finit le lycée en 2007 mais j’ai dépensé 2 ans pour gagner la vie et faire des voyages. J’adore le chocolat chaud (kikikiki vraiment comme un enfent). J’adore également plusieurs sports comme la natation, le biking, le hiking et la dance. Je suis comme une fille car j’aime mieux shopping, window shopping,surtout, et cuisinier. Je suis un grand amateur de live-concert, notamement le concert modern-Rock and Roll. Je suis quelqu’un de très protectif avec mes ami(e)s et ma famille. Pendant le tempts libre, j’aime bien lire et shoot des photos. Car j’aime bien être unique, mes photos sont très bizarres en mème tempts  créatifs. Au week-end, je préfère partir au clup, au jardin. Je suis linguist

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